Top Kid-Friendly Dogs

Every kid need a dog for a best friend, however your child’s new bestie shouldn’t be picked solely on cuteness. Yes, I know how difficult it is not to automatically fall for the cutie with the big puppy dog eyes. The best way to choose the family pet should be based on the dog’s temperament, size, energy level, and does he or she fit your family’s lifestyle? So without further ado, I present to you the top kid friendly breeds.

Breeds and Their Personalities

10. Bulldog– are great for kids that like to rough house, however this breed won’t rank high on the energetic scale. But Bulldogs make up for it with their friendliness and loyalty. They get along with other pets too and adapt to large or small homes.

9. Beagles-  since this breed is built sturdy, they love active kids. Beagles are very outgoing and love to play. However, they do shed a good bit so routine brushing and bathing is required.

8. Bull Terrier– unfairly, have a bad rep of being aggressive. The truth is they are very loving and were bred to be companions. The Bull Terrier is also great for rambunctious kids, since they have a high threshold for pain, but this doesn’t mean to allow your kids to abuse him or her.

7. Collie-very gentle and loving breed. This breed is protective of their love ones.

6. Newfoundland– aka “Nature’s baby sitter”. Still not sure which breed I’m talking about? Think back to Disney’s Peter Pan, the dog Nana is a Newfoundland.

5. Vizsla– does well in very active and energetic  families, because of this, they need a lot of exercise. Vizslas are lively, gentle and affectionate.

4.Irish Setter– known for their beautiful reddish coats. They’re friendly and energetic, having a secure fenced yard would be great for this pup to burn energy. The Irish Setter is intelligent and easy to train.

3. Poodle– ranks high on the intelligence scale, Poodles are gentle elegant dog that are loyal to their family. This breed is great for kids with allergies since they shed less. Regular grooming is required.

2. Lab Retriever–  Makes the perfect family pet. This breed is playful, loving, and protective of their family.

1. Golden Retriever–  another family favorite, Goldens are confident and loyal. This breed does require excersise.

Tip1: Remember adopting a fur baby is a big decision so don’t be afraid to ask the breeder or shelter worker as many questions as needed.