Why Choose NFPC?


So what makes us “NOLAs Finest“? There are a lot dog walkers, pet sitters, and house sitters in the city that may appear similar to us but what sets us apart will always tip the scale.


We are a business not a side gig, therefore you can rely on the fact that NOLAs Finest Pet Care is fully insured and bonded for the services that are offered. We don’t believe in off the book transactions, with that said the government recognizes us as a business entity as well. We also have the knowledge and experience to care for your pet and home.

No Nickel and Diming

With our services we are not going to present you with a lengthy list of confusing fees or charge extra for ridiculous things. Services such as taking in your mail or sending a text update with your pet’s photo after every visit is included with your services. Plus our website  is neatly formatted so you can effortless see what you’re paying for and how much.

We’re Family

With us, you and your pet will always be treated as a family member that we know by first name and value. Every client has our personal cell number so we can be contacted when needed. We are a LGBT friendly business, we treat all of clients, two legged and four like family. Through out the year we send our clients hand written thank you notes to show how much we appreciate having them part of our family. We’re able to do this because we keep our circle small to accommodate. We do not hire other employees because we want to be able to know our clients two and four legged. This also gives you the peace of mind of always knowing who is taking care of your pet and home. How often can you say that you have the pleasure of personally working with the owners?


Life is a headache but getting reliable service shouldn’t be! We know your time is valuable so we  strive to make everything simple and convenient as much as possible. Which is why we have made it a breeze to schedule services or consultations on our web site. You can even purchase services or a gift certificate securely via PayPal with out leaving your seat and service agreements are signed electronically. All of our services are done in your home, so your pets can enjoy their staycation in the comfort of your home plus your home is secured.

Locally-Made Gourmet Dog Treats

Not only do we offer the best services but we make our own peanut butter bone shape dog treats. Plus, we make our own peanut butter from scratch. We use only natural ingredients, peanuts, peanut oil, whole wheat flour, water, egg, baking powder, & honey.


NOLAs Finest Pet Care will never post photos of your pets on social media sites with out your permission. Plus your dog’s walk is private, which means Fido doesn’t have to share his time and attention with another pup from a different household. How pawesome is this?

Get What You Pay For

In case you’re wondering why there is an array of prices between different providers it is because of what is mentioned above. If you’re just wanting a cheap price you will not receive  quality, professionalism, and convenience. What you will get is an unreliable hobbyist looking to make a quick buck and a lot of disappointment.