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Your Pet Health & Wellness Destination Established in 2013, NOLAs Finest Pet Care llc is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of pet health and wellness services to help your furkids thrive. Our mission is to offer pet parents the necessary resources to ensure their pets live a long, happy, & healthy life.


 5 Common Ways You’re Unintentionally Compromising Your Pet’s Health


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Did you know that you might be unknowingly putting your pet's health at risk? We all want our furkids to thrive. Drop your email below to get your paws on the list of Five Common Ways You may be Unintentionally Compromising Your Pet's Health.

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Services include:

LEARN: Training for Humans – a fun, interactive online course designed to teach you about pet care affordability, adopting methods, and other essential materials to help improve your pet’s overall wellness.

SNACK: Gourmet Treats – made fresh with simple human-grade ingredients that are easily identifiable and pronounceable. All of our treats, including peanut butter, are locally made from scratch by Twila. If you’re in the New Orleans area, we’ll deliver the treats to your door via DoorDash.

SHOP: Art-Inspired Wellness Products – We offer a variety of products for pets and pet lovers, including ceramic dishwasher-safe pet bowls. Our dishwasher-safe feature is crucial because it kills bacteria such as e-coli and salmonella that hand washing cannot. Not all pet dishes out there are dishwasher safe. You can purchase our products online, and we ship within the U.S. only.

STAYCATION: Top Shelf Pet Sitting Services – Your furkid already misses you when you’re at work or out of town, so there’s no need to add to their anxiety by boarding them. NOLAs Finest Pet Care’s private walking and pet sitting services significantly reduce anxiety because there’s no place like home. Twila keeps your pet’s daily routine the same, which is essential for their mental health.

You’re one click away from helping your furkid live their best life!