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 How do you pronounce your name, Twila?

Same way as the lovable restaurant owner from the hit show, Schitt’s Creek. Cute huh?!

 I’m not a resident of Bella Ridge can my cat or dog still be considered for Pet Care?

Depending on schedule, one visit max at the end of the day. Bark or meow for availability. 

   What happens during an in-home consultation?

At your in-home consultation Chris and Twila will be meeting with you & your pets, discussing the services you need, your pet’s routine, showing us where your furkid’s belongings are, & answering any questions. For house sitting services, we’ll discuss your home’s routine. Allow 45mins-1hr for your in-home consult.


  Is there a fee for consultations?

Yes, there is a small fee. Consult scheduling can be done online. Book your consult here today!


  What do I need for my consultation?

For consultation pet parent should have ready: your 4-legged baby, time to meet and greet, a copy of your pet(s) updated shot record, vet info & payment method for services.

  Does NOLAs Finest Pet Care offer house sit services?

Yes, please click here for details.

  Does NOLAs Finest Pet Care LLC. offer pack walking?

No, NFPC offer private walks. Your dog will never be walked with dogs from other households! Your pet(s) will receive the one-on-one time they deserve.

 What is NOLAs Finest Pet Care LLC. evacuation policy?

In the event of an evacuation, NFPC is not responsible for your pets. If you are out of town or unable to get off from work, you must make arrangements with your emergency contact (friend, relative, or neighbor) to care for your pets.

  What are NOLAs Finest Pet Care LLC. payment methods?

 No checks please! NFPC accept major credit cards & Paypal. Daily services are charged monthly. 

  Does NOLAs Finest Pet LLC. Care has weight restriction.

We will care for any size dog as long as your dog can properly walk on leash without pulling.

  What is your bad weather policy?

In the event of bad weather, services will be discontinued until weather conditions improve. You will be credited for day(s) missed. Credits expire when service agreement expire. For pet sitting, credits automatically apply to next visit.

What is NOLAs Finest Pet Care LLC. aggressive pet policy?

NFPC does not accept aggressive pets, of any breed cat or dog.

  How can I upgrade/down grade my daily package?

Upgrades can be done anytime; downgrades can be done once service agreement has expired. A minimum of 6 months is required for daily services.

  What if I have more questions?

NOLAs Finest Pet Care LLC is always here to help. Please click here for further assistance.