Facts about Declawing your Cat

Facts About Declawing Your Cat

Many cat parents struggle with the notion of declawing their cats, especially if your cat loves to scratch your furniture. So what’s the big deal, isn’t it just a simple procedure? continue reading to find out.

What is declawing?

It’s a procedure to completely remove your cat’s claws and there are different techniques of doing this. In order to keep the claw from growing back, the bones must also be removed. A blade is used to cut through the joints and pads in order to reach the bone. This is similar to cutting off your finger tips

Another option is cosmetic surgery, this method removes the claws without damaging your cat’s pads. However since this is a really lengthy procedure most vets will not do it. In general its hard to find a vet that will perform any type of declawing procedure, since its viewed as inhumane.

Declawing draw backs

  • Nerve damage
  • Back pain
  • Infection
  • Issues with waking
  • May not use litter box anymore
  • Pain similar to wearing uncomfortable shoes
  • Behavioral problems
  • possible death (extreme case for senior cats)
  • No way to protect their selves from danger (outdoor cats)

Preventing unwanted scratching

In the case of a medical reason such as a tumor, declawing may be justifiable but for the most part declawing is only beneficial to the pet parent not the cat. However, they’re other options to curve Mr. Kitty’s scratching behaviors where you don’t have to choose between your fur baby and your furniture.

  • Keep your cat’s nails clipped on a regular basis, if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself visit a vet or have us, NOLAs Finest Pet Care bring your cat to the vet for nail clipping.
  • provide your cat with scratching boards and other scratching approved areas
  • Purchase no scratch sprays that wont harm your cat or furniture
  • .Always consult your vet

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