Hurricane Preparedness 2019: pet edition

  Ok NOLA, hurricane season is officially here! If you are like millions of pet parents nationwide, your pet is an important member of your household. Unfortunately, pets are also affected by disaster. The likelihood that you and your fur kid will survive an emergency such as a hurricane or flood depends largely on emergency planning done today. Some … Read moreHurricane Preparedness 2019: pet edition

Employers that offer pawternity leave to cat parents


Companies nowadays are starting to take a less traditional approach to please their employees. Everything from comfy and dim lounges for napping during breaks to modern offices that offers a more casual and sociable atmosphere. With pawternity leave pet parents are rejoicing with this pawesome benefit package.

 Companies that offer pawternity leave

Yes you’ve read that right, “pawternity leave”. Employers finally received the memo that pets are family members too and that pet parents need time to get their fur baby settled in their new home. The following companies offers pawternity leave.
  • Mars Pet Care- 10 hours of paid leave plus you can bring your pet to work.
  • Bitsol solutions- offers a full week of paid time off.
  • Brew dog (Scottish brewery)- week of paid time off.

Some companies offer pet bereavement, paid time off when your pet passes away.

  • Kimpton Hotel & Restaurants- 3days leave.
  • Mars Inc.- 1 day and flexible hours.
  • VMware- flexible hours.
  • Maxwell health- flexible hours.
  • Trupanion- 1day leave
  • Shoppers drug mart(Canadian company)- days off.

If you’re not sure if your company offer these benefits contact your HR.

Life after leave

Once your pawternity leave runs out or if your employer doesn’t offer such benefits, your pet will still need attention and potty breaks while you’re working 40 hours or more a week. This is when a professional dog walker or pet sitter is needed. If you live in the New Orleans area 70115,70118,70130, or 70124 we would be delighted to help care for your fur kid. You can make a reservation for service by filling out the form below.

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Are your pets’ treats toxic?

It’s no secret that dogs and some cats love the creamy taste of peanut butter. It makes a good snack when their are behaving well, keeps them occupied when a Kong is involved and makes it easier for pet parents to administer medication. Peanut butter just makes life so much easier when you’re a pet parent, but if you’re feeding your fur kid store bought peanut butter you may be doing more harm then good!

Store bought peanut butter

Store bought peanut butter contains a lot of harmful ingredients for your pets mainly because it isn’t meant for pet consumption. Sugar and salt is very bad for your pet but it’s more serious then you think.

Sugar (xylitol) causes:

  • hypoglycemia
  • liver problems
  • Cats are susceptible to xylitol poisoning
  • death

Salt is extremely poisonous to pets & causes:

  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • lethargy
  • excessive thirst or urination
  • kidney damage
  • seizures
  • coma
  • death

Even with big box pet specialty stores you have to be very careful and make sure to read the ingredients and fine print. I’ve personally experienced shopping at a big box pet specialty store and picked up a box of peanut butter flavor dog treats, then realized that peanuts or peanut butter was not an ingredient listed. My first thought was, well what is it? I quickly learned that there is a big difference between peanut butter and peanut butter flavor. But no worries there is an healthier option.


Locally-made Organic PB

After discovering that there aren’t a lot of  pet-friendly peanut butter out on the market my partner Chris &  I decided to make our own. I’m a natural born cook/baker so it came  easy to me and fun to do. I only use fresh natural ingredients from Whole Foods. My spreads contains organic unsalted nuts, peanut oil, and honey, that’s it!  Our spread comes in an 8oz jar for $8 and ships in the U.S. via UPS. At NOLAs Finest Pet Care we also have organic peanut butter bone & heart shape treats. All of our customers love that they can have a healthy option for their pets and support a local business at the same time. We love that each day our gourmet treats bring a happy tail wag or purr to America’s fur kids.


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Best ways to snuggle & cuddle cats

Alright cat lovers and first time cat parents get ready to take notes!   Gentle touch #1. Unlike dogs, cats do not like it rough, especially kittens and seniors since their bones are more fragile. Pet your kitty delicately like a baby chick.   Practice. Practice. Practice #2. Practice makes perfect and your kitty deserves … Read moreBest ways to snuggle & cuddle cats

Mardi Gras in your home pet care

Carnival time is around the corner yall &there’s about 7 days till the 1st Uptown parade that kicks off the season. Live within  a short walking distance of Napoleon Ave 70115 we’ll take your dog out for a walk, feed your dog or cat so you can continue partying!!  Second pet is FREE! No aggressive pets, pets … Read moreMardi Gras in your home pet care

Feline Vertigo

What is Feline Vertigo? Vertigo or Feline Geriatric Vestibular Syndrome, which is the proper medical term is a disease found in senior cats that affects the body’s balance system. It’s often mistaken as a stroke but it is not. There are two forms of this disease.  The most common one is  Peripheral Vestibular, this is the result of damaged nerves in the … Read moreFeline Vertigo

Werewolf Cats, WTF?!

Your first thoughts after hearing werewolf cat maybe, is that a bizarre Halloween costume? Or WTF? LoL, ether way you’ll probably won’t guess this one. What is a werewolf cat? These cute little werewolf cats are actually called Lykoi. Their scruffy fur gives them the appearance of a werewolf but are not cross bred with werewolves. … Read moreWerewolf Cats, WTF?!

Lump or bump on your cat’s skin, what does it mean?

So you’re in enjoying a purrrfect cuddle session with your cat and noticed a pretty big lump on her belly, chin, tail, or somewhere else on her body. What could it be? Listed below are a few possibilities.  If you feel a lump you should have your vet check it out. Mild Trauma A small injury can cause … Read moreLump or bump on your cat’s skin, what does it mean?

Cuddle 500 Kitties At This Heavenly Cat Sanctuary In Hawaii

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