NOLAs Finest Pet Care is more than your average dog walking and pet sitting service. Our services are designed to help people with unique situations . We encounter a lot of people that need our services that don’t  realize it at first. A misconception with pet sitting is that it’s only needed when you’re going out of town for the holidays or that a pet is required. With our array of services which are insured and bonded, this isn’t the case at all. To help you figure out if our services can be beneficial to you continue reading.

Who Benefits from our services?

Pet Care:

  •  Stay at home mom or dad that has their hands full.
  • College student that need help caring for pet during finals, spring, or summer break.
  •  Career gal or guy that work long hours.
  •  Elderly or disable pet parent.
  • Pet parent that is recovering from surgery.
  • Travelers that enjoy see the world frequently through out the year.
  •  Bride and groom that need someone to look after their fur baby while  honeymooning.
  • LGBTQ  community, we treat all of our clients like family

House sitting (no pets required):

  •  Homeowner that has rental properties and need light upkeep until tenant moves in.
  • The homeowner who has moved but your old  house is still on the market and need light upkeep until home is purchased.
  •  Owner/renter that travels frequently and need someone to look after their home while away.
  • The online shopper that’s expecting a lot of packages and don’t want items left unattended all day. Example, special occasions such as holidays and weddings.
  • Bride and groom that need their packages taking in and/or home looked after while on honeymooning or tending to other wedding obligations.
  • LGBTQ community, we treat all of our clients like family.

We offer daily services to Bella Ridge South residents only!

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