How to tell if your cat has skin issues


Just looking at a mass on your cat’s skin can be difficult to diagnose with out the assistance of a vet running a biopsies test. Most pet parents have a fear that a lump means cancer but usually its just a bump holding debris and pus under the skin which is painful for kitty. If you’re cat has a lump, doesn’t want to be touched and is acting weird, take your fur kid to the vet.

Sores on ears/face

Sometimes cats have sores especially if they ruff house with other pets in the household. But if your cat’s sores are not healing and getting worse, this is sign of a skin condition. Bring your pet to the vet. A sore on the upper lip may indicate a skin disease that’s associated with allergies. White felines are more likely to be victims of skin cancer.

Hair loss

If you start to notice that Kitty is losing more fur than normal, give your vet a call. Hair loss can be a sign of various things such as fleas, allergies, ring worm, or even stress. In mature cats hair loss can also represent a tumor.


Whatever your feline maybe allergic to, such as food, flea bites, or even the environment can cause skin problems.

Dull/Flaky skin

Dry skin usually occurs when pet is lacking omega 3s in their daily diet. Overweight cats may have this issue due to the fact some areas on their body are unreachable while grooming. Consult with a vet to figure the correct solution.

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