Can pets really consume over the counter meds meant for humans?

Pets & Over the Counter Meds

When you can’t get over to the vet or perhaps don’t have the finances to cover the bill, a lot of pet parents opt for going to the local store to pick up some children medicine to make their fur babies feel better when ill. But is it really making them feel better?

The Pet Poison Control Hotline receives many calls from pet parents that accidentally overdose their fur babies on kid’s medications, especially with pain medication. A pet that has too much of a certain pain medication such as Aspirin can cause renal failure(kidney failure), or worst case scenario, can cause the pet to lose its life. There are situations where the medication has no affect at all and your cat or dog can still feel sick or remain in pain.

However there are many pet parents that have figured out how to use over counter drugs for their pets that are really made for people & it doesn’t harm their fur baby.. The secret is actually consulting with your vet first to get the correct measurements so the medication won’t harm your cat or dog. A lot of Americans assume that the weight of their pet is the same of a small child and give the dosage that is recommended on the box. This isn’t the case at all. The amount you give your pet will be completely different because their bodies processes differently from us humans.

Another alternative is finding pet specific medication that is equivalent to human’s medicine. You can find these at local pet stores. But remember, always talk to your vet before giving your dog or cat any kind medication. If needed, take down notes when at the vet to ensure that you won’t forget any valuable information and don’t be afraid to ask your vet a lot of question.