Beach safety tips

Beach season is nearing! But before taking your fur baby to catch some sun and waves, you may want to check out these beach safety tips first.


Can your dog swim? Never assume that your pup can, before letting your dog go for a swim make sure he/she had lessons first. If you’re confident that your dog has no issues with the waves, its still necessary  to put on his doggie life vest.  Always keep your pet in calm water away from boats and surfers. Never leave your fur baby unsupervised.

Don’t allow your dog to consume salt water. Doing so can cause vomiting, dehydration, and, diarrhea. Drinking lake, pond, streams, and stagnant waters are problematic too. Make sure to bring clean bottle for Fido to drink.


Dogs with short snouts like pugs need a shady area to cool down to prevent overheating. Pack a pop-up carrier that offers the proper ventilation. Dogs with short fur and pink or light colored noses are prone to sun burn and cancer, so sunscreen is a absolute must. Keep in mind that sun block for humans are harmful, only use sunscreen that’s made specifically for canines.


Running across the sandy beach is a fun way for Fido to exercise but you may want to bring some booties on your beach trips. The hot sand can burn your dog’s pads, plus sand can hide debris such as broken glass, fish hooks, or shells that can injure your pup’s feet. When you’re ready to call it a day, make sure to use clean water to rinse off any sand and/or salt water that may be in your dog’s fur and towel dry. Avoid getting water in your dog’s ears.


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