Can dogs & cats suffer from Alzheimer?

You may be familiar with Alzheimer’s Disease, but what about cognitive dysfunction?

Cognitive Dysfunction

This is a disease that is common among senior pets that causes the pet to become disoriented and suffer from  symptoms  similar  to Alzheimer’s. Pet’s sleeping habits may be off too, sleeping more in the day than at night. Pets with cognitive dysfunction usually become disinterested in their normal fun activities and have potty accidents.


Veterinarians believe the cause is due to the damage of cells within the brain. A protein called  B-amyloid forms plaque in the brain, the plague is likely the culprit of the shrinkage and death of the cell.


How to care for a pet with cognitive dysfunction?

A combo of  rich diet of antioxidants and behavioral enrichment are good ways to help your pet. However, you should always consult with your vet first!

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