Ways to care for your pets on a budget

Here are a few ways you can cut down some pet care cost to afford other means to care for your pet.


Finding the cheapest kibble possible to purchase  isn’t the answer here. All that will do is make your pet ill which means your paying more in vet cost. The best approach here is to find a cook book for cats & dogs and get to cooking. You have to go grocery shopping for yourself anyway, share with your pet. Check-in with your vet first before changing his/her diet.

Vet Trip

Making sure your pets get their annual check-up will save you a lot of money in the long run. The sole purpose of check ups is to make sure your pet is still healthy and if a heath problem is developing, it can be taken care of before  the problem becomes too seriously and costly.


Make your grooming bill less by taking care of the basics such as bathing. That alone can save you up to $50 per visit. Let the pros take care of the trimming & nail grinding though.


Taking your pooch for a walk is more than a potty break, its also helps with their health. Going for a walk is a fun way to get exercise. Playtime is also an important factor to keep pets healthy, especially cats since most cats can’t go for walks. Healthy pets means cheaper vet bills. With all the money you’ll be saving you can hire professional dog walkers like us, NOLAs Finest Pet Care to take your dog out for a walk or encourage playtime with your cat while you’re at work.

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