Cuddle 500 Kitties At This Heavenly Cat Sanctuary In Hawaii

Cat lovers everywhere get ready to rejoice and than fly out to Hawaii!

Small island of Lanai

When you think of Hawaii you think about the sandy beaches and all the mai-tais a gal can handle. But there is an island full of cats and kittens that one can play and cuddle a few hours a day, we’re talking about the ultimate cat lady’s fantasy but its a real place. A 25,000 sqft sanctuary  filled with grass, playgrounds, large huts, trees,  absolutely no cages and all the human attention a kitty could want. The island of Lanai has become a hot spot for tourist because of the cats or Hawaiian Lions, is what the natives call them. Visitors have the option to adopt a kitty or sponsor one. If a cat never gets adopted, they’ll live their life in bliss in the sanctuary.


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