Dog breed of the week: Bedlington Terrier


If you’re looking for a dog that kind of looks like a lamb, this is the breed for you.


This dog is very loyal and full of energy. Bedlington Terriers are very calm and loving but will not back down if it feels as if a another dog is bullying him. They do get along with other household pets.


Even though this dog loves to run and requires exercise, this breed doesn’t do well with outdoor living. Due to his coat, grooming is definitely necessary with weekly brushing and monthly hair cuts.

Health concerns

This adorable breed can live up to 14 years or longer depending on health. There are some health problems to be concerned of.

  • copper toxicosis (liver disease)
  • Renal cortical hypoplasia (kidney issue)
  • Retinal dysplasia (eye disease)
  • Distichiasis (abnormal growth of eye lashes)
  • Patellar luxation (trick knee)

DNA tests for copper toxicosis and liver biopsy are suggested, as are eye tests.

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