Dog Etiquette: What your dog needs to know before visiting relatives for the holidays

Tis the season for traveling near and far to spend the holidays with loved ones and because Fido is part of the family, he’ll be joining the road trip howling Christmas carols with you along the way. But lets pause for a second, Does  your pup know how to be on his best behavior at someone’s house?

What your dog should know

Basic House training:

What’s more cringe worthy than your dog taking a huge poop on your mother-in-law’s best rug in front of the whole family? Yeah, one day you’ll look back on this and laugh but at the moment you’re totally freaking out. To keep such a moment from happening, make sure to take your dog out as soon as you’ve reached your destination and right after meal time. Keep a close eye on your pup as well, just because he may know not to do that at home doesn’t mean Fido knows not to do that at other people homes. Also he may become very excited with everything that’s going on.

No Jumping :

Especially for big dogs, can you imagine how devastating it would be if Fido accidently knocked down your grandmother? When dogs jump, for them its all in good fun but depending on their size it can be dangerous to the elderly and small kids. So make sure your pup is very familiar with the “down” command.


This command goes hand in hand with the no jumping. Having your dog abide by this command or the ones mentioned above will derail any rude behaviors.

tip1: make sure to bring enough treats to reward any positive behavior.

Having seconds thoughts??

If you’re pet isn’t ready this holiday to visit with loved ones, no worries. It’s still not too late to book your pet’s staycation with us while you’re on vacation.