Dreaming of puppies? What could it mean?

Dream interpretation isn’t an science but more of art that can easily be figured out, however we humans tend to over complicate things with our thoughts making it a bit challenging. Thank goodness for the creation of dream dictionaries, right?!
Dreaming of animals can symbolize our feelings, behaviors, and reactions to a current situation. Unless you really want to adopt a puppy, your dreams can merely be the results of you constantly thinking and planning to adopt the perfect fur kid. But if this isn’t the case continue reading for some simple interpretations.

Dogs in General

Dreams of random a dog or dogs often has do with feelings toward a friendship, protection, or, loyalty. The dog may represent the dreamer or stand in for someone in your life.

Aggressive Dog

An aggressive dog can have different meanings depending on the context of the dream. But for the most part it represents disloyal, conflict, and untrustworthy. Is there someone in your inner circle that may not have your back like you thought?

Happily Barking Dog

A positive dream that represents an abundance of social pleasure and acceptance. However if your dream contains an angry dog barking, this can be sign of you being too demanding and controlling.

Getting a Dog

A sign that you’re feeling lonely and are in need of friends, so socialize more!

Part of the Pack

If you’re part of the woof pack chances are you’re feeling like you want to belong and possibly need to reconnect with friends or family.

Belly Rubs

Rubbing a dog’s belly in a dream is a sign of a relationship in which you feel at ease and totally trust the other person.


You’re feeling nurturing, possible ready for motherhood or someone/something  has been placed in your care.

German Shepherd

Dreaming about this breed of dog indicates that you are very protective of something or someone in your life. Dreaming of training a German Shepherd may be an indication of the dreamer being open to new ideas but maybe influenced easily by others.

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