Getting Your Cat into Shape

Getting Your Cat into Shape

For a lot of cat parents its a challenge to keep their fur baby a healthy weight. Cats naturally sleep a lot and most are stuck in the house all day bored out their minds with not much to do. On top of that many cat parents are busy working. What is a cat parent to do? Well listed below are some helpful tips


Many think that when it comes to their cat losing weigh or maintaining a healthy weight it boils down to quantity of food or how much food is being consumed. This isn’t always the case, the quality of the food is what matters in most cases. Think about the kind of cat food you purchase, if its low grade this could be the culprit. Develop a habit of purchasing your cat’s food the way you would for yourself or your two-legged kids. Pay attention to the brand and what’s on the label. Don’t be afraid to do research on how different brands of food is made and where it’s made.

Also keep in mind that cats are carnivores and their bodies are designed to process high protein such as meat but not a lot of carbs.Therefore Mr. Kitty should have more  variety in their diet other than dried kibbles and treats. For meal time consider cooking unseasoned, boneless, all natural chicken and beef as a side dish. Remember to chop the meat into very small pieces so your cat can consume with out choking.  Also make sure that the meat is fully cooked on the inside. If you’re not much of cook, there are plenty of pet cook books to purchase. Always consult with your vet first before serving to make sure your cat isn’t allergic to chicken or beef.  Note, a cat that’s on a diet of all kibble is like a human only eating rice.

Talking to the vet

Just like people, all cats aren’t suppose to be the same size and depending on the breed x amount of pounds maybe considered overweight for one cat but is normal for another. So you cant always tell by looking at your pet. It’s always best to have your vet run test to make sure. Also consult your vet about weight limits, think about when you are trying to lose weigh and your body stops losing after so many pounds has already been lost because you may have reached the limited for your body frame. This maybe the same for your cat.

Over eating

For some kitties, they eat because their bored not necessarily because their hungry. If your cat fit this category then consider cutting back on the amount of food that is left out and get your fur baby involved in more activities.

Playtime adds up to exercise

A lot of people have a misconception that cats don’t like to play, cats enjoy playing just as much as dogs. However with finicky felines you have to get a little creative and figure out what your cat consider to be fun.

For example:  if your cat tends to be a little lazy and is only motivated by food, get your cat up and moving by purchasing a toy that you can fill with dry food or treats that forces your cat to paw at it across the floor in order to get the food. You can also toss some kibbles (1-2  at time) so your kitty can run after it. If your cat likes to jump and climb,  purchase a fishing pole like toy with a feather to really get them playing. Cats that enjoy pouncing and hunting will love a toy mouse to play with.

Not having enough time to play

Don’t feel guilty, a lot of pet parents struggle with finding time to play with their fur babies because of work and other obligations that have you going in all directions at once. But no worries, there is a solution. A Pet Sitter, yes us pet sitters do a lot more than just watch your pets while your out  of town during the holidays. A lot of pet sitters, like myself, NOLAs Finest Pet Care would be more than happy to have a play session with your cat while you’re at work. Don’t be afraid to ask pet sitters what other services they offer.