Introducing your cat to his human sibling

Introducing your cat to your baby

So you realized you’re pregnant or about to give birth soon and this wonderful bundle of joy will definitely change your life in a very positive way. But let’s not forget that your new baby will change your cat’s life as well. After all Jingles has gotten used to being the only child for awhile. No worries, Your feline will love his human sibling as much as you do. He or she may be confused at first with all the changes. But after reading this you’ll have all the knowledge you need to baby proof your fur baby.

Don’t exclude your pet

Allow your fur baby to  be part of this experience  as much as possible. Your cat has a good understanding, so explain to Jingles why you may be unavailable to play at the moment or what changes may occur but no matter what you still love him just as much as the new baby.

Pet supplies

While you’re out baby shopping don’t forget to pick-up a few items for your kitty. Such as new toys to keep him/her occupied while tending to the baby or getting the baby room prepared.

Nail trimming

To avoid accidents, get your cat in the habit of getting his nails trimmed on a regular basis. If you’re not comfortable with clipping your cat’s nails, have your vet or groomer take care of this. DONT opt for declawing, this procedure is the same as cutting of your fingertips and therefore  is very harmful to your pet and can cause health problems. With declawing your cat may stop using the litter box.

Changing up the schedule

One of the changes your new baby will bring is the schedule you and your cat has had forever. You must get your Jingles prepared for his routine to change a little and if he isn’t prepared can cause anxiety. Lets say for example your cat is used to getting his breakfast at 7a, try giving out the food 30 mins later or earlier. If you keep playing with the time your cat will realize this is normal and that you haven’t forgotten him.  However when it comes to attention, try your hardest to make time daily for the ultimate love fest even it you incorporate this in with the time with the baby.

Praise your cat for good behavior around the baby

It’s only natural that Jingles is going to be curious about his two-legged sibling and wants to be close to the baby. Don’t deter your pet from these behaviors but always monitor the situation and give treats and praise when your cat sits politely next to the baby or backs  away when you ask him to. Make sure to ask your vet if your flea and tick meds are harmful to the baby.


A new baby means a lot of friends and family coming to visit and unless your cat is very social, this may freak him out. So when your visitors come have a quite room prepared for your cat where you can close him in. Make sure to have your pet’s food, litter box and toys in the room as well. Perhaps bring in a cat tree and place it by the window to keep Jingles calm until your visitors leave. Periodically check in on your cat to make sure all is well.


Hiring a  professional cat sitter

If you feel that doing all this your self is a bit overwhelming, its ok. Hiring a professional cat sitter like us, NOLAs Finest Pet Care will make your life much easier. Yes, a cat sitter isn’t just for when you go out of town but for daily services as well.  Your cat sitter will help with keeping your feline on his normal routine when it comes to meal time, litter cleaning, and playtime. When looking for a cat sitter make sure they are insured and bonded. For more information on how we can help you and your pet contact us below.