Puppy proofing your home: How to

Congrads on adopting a new furry 4legged family member into your home! Now, before you start thinking about all the selfies you’re going to take together you must puppy proof your home. Below is a check-list to get you started

Puppy Proofing Check list


  • Check your fence to make sure there isn’t any gaps or weak spots
  • If you have a pool, make sure it’s secure. Puppies are not born with the knowledge of how to swim, if Fido isn’t taught he will drown.

tip: Never leave your pup unsupervised. 

Cleaning Supplies

  • Can be deadly when in contact with your pet, make sure to keep supplies in a cabinet out of reach.
  • If your cleaning supply cabinet is in reach make sure to lock it. Eventually your pup will notice the cabinet and paw it open.


  • You’ll be surprised how quickly your pup can chew off child proof caps. Its best to keep these far out of reach.


  • Think about all the chemicals and machinery that’s stored here. which is why you should keep your pup out this area.


  • To prevent Fido from licking or playing with outlets, invest in outlet covers.
  • Secure all wires to prevent chewing, especially during the holidays.


  • Your new fur baby can choke on a bone or get his head caught in something. Your best bet is to keep cans in a cabinet or put a child gate up, if possible.


  • Secure any pictures, lamps, books, etc. that can be easily knocked down.
  • Supply your fur babies with many toys to prevent chewing/scratching of furniture.

tip: Fido requires a lot of attention and activities to keep him out of trouble. But because you cant always home due to work and other obligations, hiring a pet care provider like NOLAs Finest Pet Care to keep your pet company  is just what you need.