Rainy Day Fun Ideas For Fido

When it rains it pours, especially in NOLA but that doesn’t mean that you and Fido can’t have fun. Below are some indoor fun ideas.

Doggie Stair Master

If you have stairs in your home that is safe to run up and down, now is the time to get a good work out. Oh, and don’t forget the music. Another method is using a tennis ball to roll up or down the stairs and have Fido retrieve it.

Hall Ball

For those that don’t have stairs or want to change it up a bit use a ball to toss down the hall.

Hide-n-Seek Snacks

To give your pup motivation, break out the puzzle games and watch your fur baby sniff out the treats. Get creative, hide treats through out the house and send your doggie on a hunt.

Play date

If you have a friend nearby with a pup, invite them over for a play date. That’s if it’s not flooding out.

Teach your dog a new trick

Instead of hanging out on social media, now is good time teach your fur kid a new trick.


Grab a blanket, a bowl of popcorn, your fur kid and snuggle up while watching your favorite movie or show.


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