People Food Your Pet Can & Can’t Eat

Yes, your fur baby is apart of the family and may even have a place at the table for Thanksgiving. However, to keep your pet healthy I’ve  listed below human food that your pet can and cannot eat. I’ll also include other holiday tips to keep your fur baby happy and healthy.

Good Human Foods


  • fully cooked
  • not heavily seasoned


  • fully cooked
  • unseasoned


  • unless your pet have bladder stones


  • fully cooked
  • unseasoned


  • sliced


  • fully cooked
  • unseasoned


  • sliced in small pieces
  • w/o peeling


  • fully cooked


  • natural
  • fully cooked
  • unseasoned

Pumpkin Seeds

  • washed & baked
  • feed one at a time or cut up and mix in meal

Hard Cheese

  • sliced
  • cheddar or Swiss


  • small pieces


  • peeled
  • seeds removed
  • diced



  • cooked
  • unseasoned

Plain rice/pasta

Tip1: Keep in mind that just because these foods are ok for your pet to eat doesn’t mean he/she will like it. Make sure Fido or Fluffy doesn’t have any food allergies.

Tip2: Overfeeding of these foods can cause weight gain and upset stomach.

Bad Human Foods


  • ingredient persin is toxic


  •  liver damage
  • brain damage
  •  vomiting


  • anemia
  • weakness
  • breathless
  • vomiting


  • rapid breathing
  • heart problems
  • muscle tremors
  • bleeding


  •  kidney failure
  • tiredness
  • depression

Diary products

  • diarrhea
  • upset stomach

Macadamia nuts

  • muscle tremors
  • paralysis
  • fever
  • rapid heart rate

Candy/gum (xylitol)

  • drop in blood sugar
  • liver failure
  • loss of coordination
  • seizure

Chocolate/white chocolate

  • abnormal heart beat
  • seizure
  • death
  • tremors

Fat trimmings

  • chocking hazard
  • pancreatitis


  • choking hazard
  • obstruction/lacerations


  •  sodium ion poisoning
  • death

Raw yeast dough

  • can still rise causing stretching of abdomen which is painful

Tip1: if your pet consume any of these foods,  rush to your vet or pet emergency room ASAP.


Candles make a beautiful touch to any holiday dinner and makes your home  feel cozy but keep all candles out of reach from your pets. Cats or dogs with long fur may get caught in the flames and many pets maybe tempted to play with the moving flames. Scented candles can also entice your fur bay to eat it.

Friends and Family

Unless your pet is very socialable, Fido or Jingles may experience anxiety. Prepare a quite room with their bed, food, litter box and toys. This may prevent your pet from slipping out the front door a getting lost. Periodically check in your fur baby to make sure he/she is ok. You may have to take time to take your dog out to potty.