How to curve your kitten’s frisky behavior?

What’s not to love about kittens? Everything about them is too cute, adorable and tiny. But sometimes that extra energy can ware you out. The nipping and chasing your feet may be in all good fun to your kitty but not to you. This blog will give you tips on how to curve some of that extra energy.

Kitten Behavior

Age will definitely be the determining factor on how high your kitten’s energy level is. Most adoption agencies will not allow kittens to be taken home until their are at least 8 weeks old. At this age your kitty will not have the coordination to climb up furniture but their motor skills will increase as he/she mature.

Crazy behavior is normal for young cats, so don’t panic.  All the exploring, chasing, jumping, and nipping  is their way of  learning how to become an adult.


Yes, there are ways to play with your kittens without getting accidently beat-up or your furniture getting ruined. Consider the following playtime tips.

Don’t use your body– when playing with our fur babies we are tempted to use our fingers or toes to play and entertain them. However this only encourages them to bite and claw when  moving your hands or feet, even when you’re not playing. Instead use a kitten friendly toy. This will make a huge difference when they grow-up.

Mimic the hunt– It’s natural for cats to hunt and pounce, so provide toys like birds and squeaky mice that will redirect their attention from your moving hands or feet.

Winding Down

When you’re tired of playing you just can’t stop in the middle of a game with out any warnings to your kitten. You must provide a cool down period  by slowing down your movements and allowing your cat to play leisurely then stopping. Other wise Kitty will think playtime is 24/7.  You can also verbalize that playtime is coming to end.

Other Options

With busy schedules it’s hard to provide 15 mins or more daily  dedicated playtime with your pet but no worries there are options to off set your busy schedule.

Adopt in pairs– If you can financially handle two fur babies, adopt in twos. That way when you can’t play or simply too tired, they have another playmate. Plus he/she won’t be alone 8 hours a day while you’re at work.

Cat sitting– hiring a cat sitter isn’t only needed when you go out of town but also for when you’re working.  The advantage to hiring professionals like us, NOLAs Finest Pet Care is while you’re working every thing from playtime to litter cleaning will already be done when you get home. Which means when you get home, you can snuggle up to your kitten and relax! For more info on how NOLAs Finest Pet Care can benefit you, visit our in-home pet care page.



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