Werewolf Cats, WTF?!

Your first thoughts after hearing werewolf cat maybe, is that a bizarre Halloween costume? Or WTF? LoL, ether way you’ll probably won’t guess this one.

What is a werewolf cat?

These cute little werewolf cats are actually called Lykoi. Their scruffy fur gives them the appearance of a werewolf but are not cross bred with werewolves. Their appearance is the result of a natural mutation. Lykoi cats are not feral and  known to have a friendly hound dog like personality. In case you’re wondering, Lykoi is a Greek word for wolf, the name fits these kitties well. They are a fairly new breed, the Lykoi didn’t appear until 2010 thanks to Johnny Gobble and his wife, Brittney.  The werewolf cat doesn’t have fur around their eyes, nose, ears, or muzzle. This breed never grows a undercoat or a full coat of fur. Lykoi cats are very smart and may be a little suspicious of new faces at first, but quickly become affectionate and loyal companions.  If your looking to adopt a werewolf cat doing so can set you back around $2K. There is currently a waiting list so you have time to save up.  http://lykoikitten.com/kittens/


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