What’s the deal with black cats & Halloween?

Cat safety
Why are cats, mainly black cats the highest targeted animal for pranks and abuse during the Halloween season? Especially since they’re just too sweet and lovable to bring harm to.


Part of our society is made up of superstitions and legends, especially growing up in New Orleans. Unfortunately blacks cats have some how got embedded into centuries old myths of being bad luck, doom, and any evils associated with Halloween. Which is why some people take it upon their selves to bring harm to black cats. Some people will go as far as adopting a cat during this time to hurt him or her. A lot of pet adoption agencies will not allow cats to be adopted during the month of October for this very reason. Some people just want to adopt a black cat merely for decorational purposes.

Myth Origin

Some believe that all the scary superstitions of black cats originated from Greek Mythology. Legend has it that a woman named Galenthia was turned into a cat and somehow gained magical powers and became the “The mother of witchcraft”.  Other stories from 17th century  Europe talks about many witches having  black cats as pets and some witches would disguise themselves as black cats at different times.

Keeping your cats safe

Regardless of the color fur your cat may have or if people actually do these harmful acts or not, its just best to keep your fur baby inside during the month of October. Even more so after dark!