Trick or Treat Not 4 Pets

Halloween pet safety

Halloween is a fun night for playing tricks and eating tons of candy but it can be a terrifying night for your pet and the fear has nothing to do with ghosts and monsters. Below are tips to keep your pets happy and safe this Halloween.

Candy is for kids

When setting up for your trick or treaters or even throwing a party, make sure all the candy are out of your pups reach. Candies and chocolates especially dark chocolate is poisonous to pets and can cause them to become seriously ill or die. For small breeds it doesn’t take much chocolate to make them sick. If you suspect that your dog or cat has gotten into the treats go to the vet or Pet ER ASAP.


You should always monitor your pet around certain decoration. Try not to have wires hanging where pets can play and chew on them. Avoid using candles that has to be lit. If you want that ghostly glow use a battery operated candle. When carving pumpkins, make sure to properly dispose of the waste. Pumpkin isn’t poisonous but can cause Scruffy or whiskers to have a up set stomach.

The Front Door

If your pet isn’t the sociable type or becomes overly excited it’s best to keep your pup or feline away from the front door so he won’t run out by accident. A lot of strangers at once can make your pet feel scared and may give your pet panic attacks. It’s best to have your pet’s tag on that is readable so that he can be found in case he does run. If your pet can handle being present at the door to greet the kiddies, make sure to have a size appropriate harness. Yes, cats can wear harnesses too.

Dress up

It is perfectly ok to dress your fur baby up in pet friendly costumes, however make sure that there isn’t tags or little decorative beads that your fur baby can chew off and choke. Being in outfit all evening that doesn’t fit properly isn’t fun. So make sure that your dog’s or cat’s costume isn’t too big or too small.


Have a Happy Paw-o-ween !