Why Does My Cat Do That? Kitty Habits

Kitty Habits
Our cats do a lot of  funny and quirky things  that are so entertaining but why do they do it? Only cats know 100 percent for sure why they do what they do but we humans can still speculate and come up with reasonable explanations.

 Quirky Habits

Kneading– Some believe that since kittens knead their mother while nursing, your cat instinctively do this when their grow-up because it reminds him of days as a kitten nursing. When cats knead their humans its a sign of affection. Cats will also do this to prepare to take a nap.

Plant Chewing– It’s not certain if cats chew plants for fun or because they just like the taste. But what is certain is that most plants will lead  your cat to throwing up, which makes some people to believe that chewing plants help them cough up hair balls. Either way many plants are toxic to your cat and shouldn’t be chewed on.

Face Rubbing–  Research has shown that cats have scent glands in their cheeks, so everything they rub up against including you is a clear message to other animals that you and other objects belong to your cat.

Gift Giving– Your fur baby wants to show how much they love and appreciate  you, so when Friskies brings you a half dead mouse or a random object just say thank you lol.

Rolling– If a car rolls on his back and expose his tummy, you should feel special because this is sign that Friskies likes you and have accepted you into his sacred circle.