A Box for Cats

Everyone has heard of the Bark Box, a box filled with fun toys and yummy treats that give dogs something to look forward to every month. Now cats have a fun box that can be sent to them every month. Cats and cat parents everywhere rejoice! Listed below are place to order your cat’s box.

Purr Packs

 Price: $25-$40 per month
Offers: Free shipping and recyclable packaging
Donation program: company gives at least 10% of profits to rescues and adoption agencies.
Brands: Fat Cat, Pet stages, BellRock growers, Kong, JW, Cosmic Catnip, Purina, & Zanies.
Customizable box: Yes

Meow Box

Price: $22.95-$32.95 per month

Offers: Free shipping
Donation program: company donates one can of food to a shelter cat with every purchase.
Brands: Royal Canin, First Mate, The Honest Kitchen, Wild Calling, r2p, & Pet Cat Dancer Product
Customizable box: Yes

Kit Nip Box

Price: $20-$30 per month

Offers: Free Shipping to U.S.
Donation program: company donates to Animal Welfare organizations.
Brands: Companies located in North America
Customizable box: Yes



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