Public Bathrooms For Pets

Yes, folks you’ve read that right! Airports across the nation have listened to their customers and created a bathroom just for traveling pets. Many pet parents were excited when some major airlines allowed their pets on board as a passenger but having to take your pet all the way outside to use the bathroom while waiting on a flight can be a hassle. So the pet relief area was created.


The first airport in the states to kick off this trend is New York’s JFK international Airport. The 70 sqft room contains little red hydrants with artificial grass, poop bag dispenser, and a hose to clean the area. The pet relief area is located between the men’s and women’s restroom.

Federal regulation has required all airports that has a annual customer base of 10K to install pet restrooms by August of this year. Contact your local airport to find out when pet relief rooms will be available in your area.


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