Are you buying the best cat food?


Every pet parent want the best for their cat so Mr. Whiskers  can live a long healthy life. This starts with picking the best food but with a lot of imitations out there it can be a challenge to pick the best brand.  No worries, with the tips listed below, you’ll never be fooled by imitators again

Vet recommendations: The next time you visit your vet for a check up, ask if the food you’re giving your cat  is good enough. If  not, proceed to ask what you should be feeding your kitty and what you should stay clear of. If need to ask any other questions so you can have a clear road map of your cat’s meal plan. Keep in mind that you can’t always rely on your vet to bring up this topic.

Brand Reputation: It’s very important for the company to have their own nutritionist staff and facility to test their own food. Because this cuts down on food recalls compared to the companies that ship the food some where else to conduct testing. Companies that are the new kid on the block usually don’t have their own facilities or nutritionist.

AAFCO: Does your cat food brand have a regulatory statement? If you don’t see AAFCO some where on the bag then the answer is no.  AAFCO stands for  Associates of  American Feed Control Officials , this statement is required to show customers that their brand of food contains at least the minimum nutritional level for your cat’s life stage (kitten, adult, mature).  Always avoid the bags that state for all life stages, there is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to your pet’s food

Does your brand make their own food? If it’s not stated on the bag than the answer is no. Make sure that you are purchasing food from a company that makes it’s own. This ensures that the company’s food meets the quality standards. Hint if the bag reads manufactured for x company this means that it wasn’t created in the company’s facility but by  an unknown  manufacturer.

Toll Free Consumer Line: if your brand doesn’t provide a contact number, this is also a clue that the company doesn’t want you to contact them with questions. Probably because they don’t have any good answers to provide. Always purchase a brand that stands by their products  and  provide clear ways to contact the manufacture.

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