How to keep your senior cat happy and healthy

Just like with us humans, when cats reach their senior years they need a different kind of care compare to younger cats. This doesn’t mean to put your elderly cat it in a home, but may have to change up their normal routine a bit in order to make their lives a little easier. Below are some helpful  tips.

Frequent check-ups

Now that your fur baby is a senior citizen you may have to schedule more vet visits then before.  Your vet may expect to see your cat at least twice a year or more if your elderly feline has already developed serious health problems that need to be monitor. During this stage of life your cat may be more likely to have arthritis, kidney, heart or dental problems.

Changes in your cat’s behavior

Take note of any changes in your cat’s behavior such as changes in appetite, water consumption, bathroom habits, sleep routine etc. This could be an indication of a health problem developing that should be discussed with your vet. If your pet start to demonstrate signs of being irritated for no reason, this may be due to pain, difficulty seeing, or hearing properly.

Make your home senior cat accessible

Your cat may have trouble jumping on your bed or furniture.  You can make it easier for your cat to cuddle next to you by purchasing a ramp or stairs that are made specifically for pets. If you live in a two story home provide ramps on the stairs  so Mr. Kitty wont have to aggravate his joints getting around the house. To prevent potty mistakes have at least two litter boxes in different parts of the house with low sides.

Picking out the right food

Your cat’s diet is also changing so it is very important to purchase food that is made specifically for mature cats. If your elderly cat is having issues with losing weight, seek out food that is for less active cats. If your cat needs to put on more weight they are diets for that. There are foods that can control certain health problems as well. If your not sure which food is best consult your vet.

Orthopedic beds

You can purchase a orthopedic bed designed just for pets with sore joints. These beds provide heat and vibrations that decrease joint stiffness and increase blood circulation. This will definatley give your  feline a purrrrtect night of sleep.