Bath time tips for your pup

Unlike us humans, some dogs don’t find bath time fun or relaxing, thus making a simple task a bit of a challenge. But there are ways to make bath time a little bit more tolerable for your fur kid.

Applying the shampoo correctly

Ok, after reading this first tip your probably thinking applying shampoo correctly? there’s a wrong way? Apparently so, some pet parents think that after applying and leaving the shampoo set in for a few mins will give your pup a deep clean. But really that method dries out their skin. The correct way is to massage the shampoo into the fur than rise off.

Temperature of water

Before allowing your pet near the water you should test it to make sure it’s   lukewarm. Like you would for a human baby.


Handheld Shower Spray

A shower is always an option using the handheld spray. Some dogs may prefer this method compared to sitting in a tub of water. Make sure your pup eyes and ears are protected. To keep Fido calm, allow  the water to spray on his back.

Shampoo Selection

Even if your shampoo says all natural or you have baby shampoo, it isn’t good to use human shampoo on your dog. Doing so will throw off their ph balance, it’s best to use shampoo made for pets. If your dog has allergies, consult with your vet.

Brushing Technique

Trying to brush over knots and matts can be a horrible experience for your fur babe. It’s best to brush their fur on a regular basis to avoid this issue. Brushing should also be done before and after bathing.

Drying Technique

Towel drying should not be rushed through, your pet’s fur has to be fully dry. Have a towel already on hand so you wont have a soaking wet doggie running around your home.

Bathing too much

Bathing your fur kid too often can shed them of their natural oils leaving them with dry and itching skin. If you’re uncertain on how often to bathe your pet, consult with your vet,



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