Tips on stopping puppy nipping

How to Stop Puppy Nipping

There is no doubt that everything about puppies are adorable, except when they start using your hands or feet as a chew toy. Puppies have razor sharp teeth and it can really hurt especially if you have a larger size breed. Hiring a trainer is a good a way to break that bad habit. But in the mean time, there are a few options you can try out at home.

Tip #1 Say NO!

When your puppy becomes excited and bites or nips say NO with a firm tone of voice and give him a toy or bone that’s ok to chew on. This method will teach your fur baby what is ok to bite and what is not. Make sure to praise your pup when he chews on his toy instead of your finger.

Tip #2 Don’t Pull Away

Ok, I know your thinking why wouldn’t I pull my hand away? It feels like a million little needles pricking me. This is true and maybe difficult to not do this since it is a natural reaction but doing so will only make your pup think your playing tug-a-war and may pull harder. The best way to handle this is to stay still and firmly say NO! Your pup will realize you’re not having fun any more and will stop. Then follow-up with a chew toy and praise.

Tip #3 Good Behavior Praise  

Your pup needs to learn the difference between right and wrong, so make sure to praise for every good behavior not just when he is correcting a wrong. Not only will this encourage good behavior but also build self esteem.

 Tip #4 Time Out

For when things get a little out of control and your puppy wont stop, have her sit in her crate till she calms down and leave the room.

Tip #5 A New Distraction

When the biting becomes too much, change the situation all together. Such as taking your dog for a scenic walk. This will make him forget about biting and remember praise and positive behavior during walk.



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