BIG No No’s: Things you shouldn’t do to your cats

With our busy lives we’re all guilty of at least one of these things but we have to do our best to not allow such bad habits to become a daily routine because it can be harmful to your kitties.

Top Bad Habits to Kick

8. Ignoring hair balls– Cats do a lot of work grooming themselves to maintain their fur but they need help. You can reduce the amount of hair balls by brushing their fur weekly or daily depending on how long/thick your cat’s fur is.

7. Dental HygieneImagine going a week or more without brushing, pretty funky huh? Without the proper dental cleaning your cat may start to experience a lot of pain and of course bad breath. If your cat doesn’t care for toothbrushes, dental treats are always an option. Chat with your vet first for best dental regiment.

6. Pushing your cat off the counter– If you don’t care for your cat to monitor what you’re cooking, simply pick-up him/her gently and say no firmly. Pushing your cat  may cause them to fall the wrong way and encounter an injury.

5. Holding your cat while driving– There’s a bunch of things that can go wrong in such a scenario. Your cat can become frighten and jump out an open window, can be a distraction to driver, or heaven forbid a car accident to occur.  Mittens  should always be buckled up in a carrier while in a moving car.

4. Skipping vet visitsSo Mittens looks fine and eats normally, therefore vet visits aren’t needed right? WRONG! Your kitty maybe experience subtle symptoms that’s flying under your radar. Now schedule that vet appointment and actually go this time! 

3. Leaving windows openIts no secret, cats are attracted to windows but a little cat tv can turn hazardous quickly. Your cat is subject to falling out the window or deciding to be curious and just jump. Even with a screen, a cat’s weight can loosen it by leaning on it. 

2. Skipping heartworm/flea and tick treatmentNot just for outdoor cats! Indoor cats can be plagued with this problem too thanks to the pesky mosquito. Mosquitos and fleas can get into your home and transfer heartworms while biting. If you live in the south like New Orleans, mosquitos hang around year round.

1. Leaving your cat outside unsupervisedDon’t believe that whole cats have 9 lives mumble jumble. Imagine leaving a 5 year old outside unsupervised and all the horrible things that can go wrong. Its the same with Mittens and it doesn’t matter if you live in suburbia, Your cat can still be accidently hit by a car. Remember domestic cats don’t have this wild cat survival  skills that you think.