New Year’s Resolution 4 Your Pets

Who said New Year’s Resolutions are only for humans? This year let your pet in on the fun with this pawsome resolution guide for cats and dogs

Woof and Meow Resolutions

8. Try new activities – think about fun things you can do with your pet that can also  be a bonding experience.

7. Chat with your vet– if its been awhile since your fur baby had a check-up, make a commitment for 2016 to do this routinely.

6. Update pet tags/id– Have this checked off your list ASAP and you’ll be set for hurricane season.

5. Volunteer at a animal shelter/foster– ok, so this one is more for humans but think about how many animals you’ll be helping.

4. Teach your pet new tricks– studies shows that teaching elderly cats and dogs new tricks help reduce cognitive deterioration. In other words find different ways to keep your fur babies brain stimulated.

3. Oral hygiene – If your fur baby doesn’t have the best dental regiment, now is the time to improve.

2. Healthy diet–  you pet’s diet can go beyond kibble and store bought wet food. You can make home cooked healthy meals that you can share. Not sure what to make? Google pet-friendly recipes or  visit your  local bookstore.  Make sure to consult with your vet to avoid food allergies.

1. Schedule more time for playtime– pets love nothing more than having fun with their loved ones and plus it makes a purrrfect work out session. However if your boss won’t give time off to play with your fur baby, NOLAs Finest Pet Care offers playtime for cats and doggies.