Books for animal lovers, young & old

This list was compiled by a single mom and her ten year old daughter who have a love for animals For those that love to read, especially books on pets should check out these books.

1. Pet Logic by: Nicole Birkholzer

This is a cute book that helps the reader see the world through their pet’s eyes.

2. The Hidden Forest by Daintry Jensen

This story takes place in an enchanted forest filled with animals of course. The main character is a twelve year girl that has a lot of moxy. Through her own experiences she  shows the reader that  love and trust  can only happen with the guidance and wisdom that comes from knowing and trusting an animal. There’s also a love story right smack dab in its center that teaches how topsy turvy love can really be.

3.Do Unto Animals by Tracey Stewart

This book is kind of like a guide on how animals live and how we can make their lives much better. This book also include wild animals, a good read for children.

4. Homer by Elisha Cooper

For those that had the opportunity to raise their pet from young to old age will be able to relate. The author writes her story of Homer in a poetic manner. This book is filled with a lot of love and tenderness, think Charlotte’s Web.

5. On Dogs by E.B White

This book is a beautiful collection of White’s photos, letters, poems, and essays about his beloved pets.

6. My Old Dog by Laura Coffey

In this book the author share stories on senior shelter dogs getting second changes to live the life they deserve. Coffey’s book gives readers hope and to also consider mature pets when adopting.

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