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Gourmet Dog Treats by NOLAs Finest Pet Care!

August 10, 2016

Coming Soon! Just in time for Fall, NOLAs Finest Pet Care will be selling Gourmet dog treats (Peanut butter & Apple Cheddar) All treats are made personally by me with all natural ingredients. The peanut butter is homemade too, treats comes in quantities of 6,12, 18, and, 24 . Stay tuned for more updates, for pre-orders […]

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How to clip your pet’s nail properly

August 8, 2016

  Below is guide on how to properly clip your pet’s nail.

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Is the ground too hot for Fido’s paws?

August 1, 2016

Your dog walks bare paw on dirt, concrete, grass, rock, and any other surface you can think of. Dog’s paws are tough and made for any environment right? NO WAY!  Our pup’s paws are pretty durable but not invincible especially when it comes to NOLA’s hot summers. Just ask your vet how many dogs have he/she treated this […]

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Veterinary Financial Assistance

July 19, 2016

You planed and saved to adopt a new fur kid into your family and everything is perfect. Then unexpected life events happens, divorce, job loss, or any event that may affect your finances in a negative way. How can you possibly cover your pet’s medical expenses now? Fortunately, there are financial assistances available for Louisiana’s pet parents. Continue reading […]

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14 Ways to go Green with your dog

July 18, 2016

Below are a few illustrated tips on how you and your dog can go green.

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Reasons why your dog do these things

July 13, 2016

Ever seen your dog do something bizarre like howling every time a certain song comes on or when an ambulance pass  and wondered why? Here are a few explanations, continue reading. But Stiffing A dog’s sense of smell is impeccable, we’re talking about between 10,000-100,000 more sensitive than the average human. This means when you’re cooking dinner […]

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Your pup can save a life!

July 10, 2016

People donate blood all the time to help others that need blood transplants for any given medical reason. The same applies for pets, a simple donation can save another pet’s life. Continue reading to learn more. Requirements Healthy dog weighing at least 35lbs. Between the ages of 9 months & 9 years. Spayed/neutered w/o any history […]

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Pet Proofing Your Garden

July 6, 2016

Below are some helpful tips to transform  your garden into a  pet friendly garden!  

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DIY Projects 4 Fido

July 4, 2016

Here’s some fun DIY projects that’ll make your fur baby tail wagging happy!

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