Reasons why your dog do these things

Ever seen your dog do something bizarre like howling every time a certain song comes on or when an ambulance pass  and wondered why? Here are a few explanations, continue reading.

But Stiffing

A dog’s sense of smell is impeccable, we’re talking about between 10,000-100,000 more sensitive than the average human. This means when you’re cooking dinner your dog can smell each individual ingredient. So why sniff another dog’s butt? Well, it’s more than a hello. With one sniff your dog can get a whole profile on another pup. Everything from health to emotional state.

Circling Before Laying Down

This is a behavior from your dog’s ancestors mainly for safety purposes. Since wild dogs had to sleep outside on grass and leaves, the circling would cause any snakes or insects scatter away. Also it made the area flatter thus more comfortable to lay on.

Tilting Head


Dogs tilt their heads to hear better and to judge where the sound is coming from. Another reason for this is your dog looking for words/ phrases  they recognize and understand such as “treat” or ” want to go for a walk”.



A common behavior your dog may exhibit when an ambulance passes by or when your aunt Gladys have a little too much to drink during the holidays and start singing Christmas carols at the top of her lungs. You may think the reason behind the howling is that the high pitch noise is hurting his ears but this a myth. When a dog is in pain they may whimper, hide pant a lot, become restless but not howl. The real reason for this action is the high pitch makes your dog think he’s communicating with another dog from far away.



This behavior is either funny as hell to you or a total embarrassment. Either way the reason isn’t what you think.   If your dog has been fixed, this is nothing sexual. Your dog is only playing, just like your dog may play fight. For dogs humping is a natural response to excitement or anxiety.

Eating Poop

The medical term for this Coprophagia. Your dog could be eating his poop or other animals’ poop due to a lack of protein in his diet or just because they like the taste. Either way you should consult with your vet on how to stop this behavior since it can cause serious health problems.

Tail Chasing

There are a number of reasons for this behavior:
  • boredom/silliness- have a lot of energy to burn.
  • learned behavior if dog is an cage that is too small.
  • reacting to flea bites.
  • compulsive/obsessive behavior
  • reacting to irritated anal glands.

talk to your vet if you feel as though the behavior isn’t due to  boredom.


Rolling In Something Gross

Why do dogs get such a joy out of rolling around in garbage, poop, or anything else we humans consider gross? Well, You may find your answer in some of these popular theories.
  • theory#1: It’s away for your dog to tell other dogs they found something pawsome.
  • theory#2: Mask their own scent to sneak up prey
  • theory#3: A way to get rid of perfumes after bath time.
  • theory#4: Oils from decomposing garbage and animals acts as a skin conditioner.

Moving Food From One Location To Another

If you’ve noticed your dog grabbing a bunch of kibble in his mouth just to spit it out somewhere else to eat one by one is sign that Fido doesn’t  like his bowls or where it’s located. When finding an area to place your pet’s bowls, look for a low traffic area. If this isn’t the case analyze the bowls. Is it too tall/short?  Too deep/not deep enough? Or maybe it needs to cleaned another thought is your dog doesn’t like the sound of kibble clinking while eating.

Grass Eating

Dogs usually eat grass as a remedy for an upset stomach. The blades tickles the throat area causing your pup to vomit.  Grass eating should be discourage if grass has been sprayed with pesticides.


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