Your pup can save a life!

People donate blood all the time to help others that need blood transplants for any given medical reason. The same applies for pets, a simple donation can save another pet’s life. Continue reading to learn more.


  • Healthy dog weighing at least 35lbs.
  • Between the ages of 9 months & 9 years.
  • Spayed/neutered w/o any history of pregnancy.
  • No history of medications and/or diseases.
  • Must be on heartworm preventives
  • Must be current with vaccinations and a vet.
  • behave well enough to not need sedation.

tip: Dog blood has a shelf life of about 30-35 days, supplies need to be replenished frequently. Typically when a dog is approved to donate, he or she usually donate every month and half to two months.


The Process

Once your dog is an approved donor, he or she will be placed on a table. While a tech keeps your fur baby calm, a small patch of fur near the neck area is shaved. o the needle can be inserted with out any problems. From start to finish the process takes about 10-30 mins. Your dog’s body will naturally replace the blood after being taken, so no worries.

To prevent sluggishness your pup will be given water and snacks. Most dogs do not have any negative reactions afterward.


Many donor programs offer a variety of perks such as free vet services, gift cards and more. But the biggest perk is having the opportunity to save another pet’s life. Discuss with your vet to learn more.


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