Dog breed of the week


Physical Characteristics

  • Muscular
  • Shaggy coat (dreadlocks)
  • Gray, white or black colorations
  • Shaggy coat can grow for 5yrs


  • Stubborn
  • Intelligent
  • Protective of love ones but isn’t aggressive w/o cause

Care & Health

Due to shaggy fur, grooming is needed to keep from getting tangled. But brushing isn’t needed and bathing can be done 3 times a year. This breed can live up to 15yrs and doesn’t have any specific health problems.


Bergamasco are related to the sheepdog. It is believed they have come from the middle east and moved to the mountains near Milan. During World War II this breed almost became extinct due to the need of wool was declining. It is said that by the 1960’s an Italian breeder saved them from extinction.