How to introduce Spike to Whiskers

First off, let me just say that the whole “cats and dogs don’t get along and therefore shouldn’t be under the same roof” is a bunch of stuff that’s found in litter boxes! When cats and dogs grow up together all they see is family. But if your dog has never been around cats before or vice versa and you’re planning to adopt then here’s some tips on introducing your dog to his new kitty sibling

Don’t stress your pets

Explain to your fur baby that they maybe getting a fur sibling but it doesn’t mean you’re replacing them.  Yes, they understand. Once you adopt your new fur baby, get the newbie acclimated to his/her new home first away from your current pet (1-3 days).

Quick meet-ups

Once your new pet has gotten settled into hers/his new home, start the meeting process by keeping your pup on a leash and letting the cat get close for about 10 mins and then separate them. Do this daily but longer each time. If everything is going smoothly and you feel comfortable about their interactions, allow your pup to roam freely with out leash. Regardless, your pets should be supervised at all times until they reach “best friend” stage.

tip: separation may not be needed depending on pet’s personality, especially if your pet has been around other cats or dogs . Adult cats can wear a harness too for the initial meet-up.

Spike sit

How good is your dog with commands? If you’re bringing home a kitten, you want to make sure Spike is good at listening. So he won’t hurt kitty by accident, dogs get excited and may get a tad ruff while playing.



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