Easy to train dog breeds

It’s always exciting to adopt a puppy into the family, they bring tons of love, happiness, and of course fun into our lives. However doggies are also a lot responsibilities so make sure you’re up for the task. Below are a list of easy to train pups.


Bernese Mountain Dog

If you start training this pup early on you should be fine. The Bernese is a farm dog that loves kids and playing outside. This breed isn’t a fan of hot weather.


Border Collie

This breed has a lot of intelligence and ambition so they’re better matched with very active pet parents. These pups are known for being a people pleaser oh and herding kids and other animals.



This little cutie is great for those that prefer smaller breeds or live in a small apartment. The Havanese is the class clown of the bunch and very loving. This pup loves learning new tricks to show off to his love ones.


Shetland Sheep dog

Often referred to as a smaller version of Lassie, this pup enjoys competitive dog sports and is very energetic. So if you consider Netflix and chill being active you may want to pass on this doggie.


Brussels Griffon

  This toy breed is super smart, robust, and playful. They don’t bark much and training is easy as 1-2-3.


German Shepard

Lets just say there is a reason why you always see this bread working along side policemen and the military. German Shepherds are very loyal and eager to learn.



The fancy poodle are known for their high intelligence level which is why they are bred with other dogs. This pup is very loving and adaptable. Make sure to have a grooming budget for this fur baby.


Doberman Pinscher

  This reliable pup is great for new pet parents. They respond very well to gentle and consistent training. Doberman Pinscher’s temperament mirrors that of his pet parent.


Norwich Terrier

 This fur kid may be small in size but has a big personality,the Norwich is very social and confident They love to play and bond with people. This breed is easily trainable and are good for first time pet parents.


Lab Retriever

 You’ll usually find Labradors doing jobs like rescue work and escorting blind people. They are very playful, loving and enjoy pointing and hunting.

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