Best ways to snuggle & cuddle cats

Alright cat lovers and first time cat parents get ready to take notes!


Gentle touch

#1. Unlike dogs, cats do not like it rough, especially kittens and seniors since their bones are more fragile. Pet your kitty delicately like a baby chick.


Practice. Practice. Practice

#2. Practice makes perfect and your kitty deserves nothing but purrfection. Get your hands used to gentle petting  by practicing on a plush stuffed animal.

Let’s Cuddle

#3. When holding Mr. Whiskers make sure his whole body is supported so he doesn’t feel as if he’s falling. If you fur kid doesn’t like to be held like a new born baby try holding him like the picture above.

Don’t touch the tail

#4. Just because kitty wraps her tail around your ankle doesn’t mean she wants you to touch it or hold it. Some cats with big fluffy tails like the Maine Coon don’t mind having their tail petted but short hair cats do not like it too much. Their tails are extra sensitive, you’ve been warned!

Kitty hearts belly rubs

#5. Dogs aren’t the only furry babies that enjoy a good belly rub, some cats adore it. When a cat is laying on their back with paws up they are saying hey, I trust you now rub my belly gently. When kitty has have enough they will swat your hand away.

Chin up kitty

#6. No cat can resist the chin scratch including the big jungle cats. It makes any cat lover’s day to watch their kitty slowly blink their eyes and purr in bliss. When you see your cat trying to chin a surface they’re trying to drop you hints.


#7. Cats enjoy listening to soft music or hearing their pet parent sing a song that includes their name while being cuddle. If your cat is twitching their ears and tails then you’re doing it right.

Back stroke

#8. When your cat starts to arch up near you in a playful way, their looking for a good stroke down their back. This helps kitty feel relaxed.

Lap love

#9. cuddling up in your lap is a joyous moment for your kitty. Make sure to wrap an arm around her so she wont slide off and use your other hand for petting.

Nap time

#10. Cats enjoy a light gentle stroke while napping but they really enjoy taking naps with you. However while adult cats do like snuggling up to you while sleeping they will not tolerate you wrapping your arms around them. This makes kitty feel restricted, so resist the urge!


Don’t hold kitty like a football

#11. Your cat isn’t a football thus shouldn’t be held like one, its a scary uncomfortable feeling for kitty. See tip #3 for proper handling.


Share the love

Now that you’ve mastered the art of spoiling cats with cuddles, show off your skills at your local shelter. There are many cats and kittens in shelters that are in need of few cuddles to boost their confidence and who knows you may find a new furry friend.

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