Fracture Teeth in Dogs

Fracture Teeth in Dogs

Traumatic Tooth Injury

Tooth injury or fracture involves damages to the enamel, the tissue that holds tooth in place (dentin) and cement. This can occur on the tooth’s enamel, crown or below the gum line.


Listed are the most common issues that your pup may experience with a fractured tooth.

  • Inflammation
  • Infection
  • Tooth’s crown missing
  • Blood or pink tissue around affective area
  • Discomfort and pain


Usually dogs ended up breaking a tooth by chewing on really hard objects, being hit in the face by a blunt objects or a car accident.


This will depend on how major your dog’s injury is. But for the most part your vet will take x-rays and will perform surgery if needed.

On-Going Care

You’re vet will require follow-up visits to make sure Fido’s tooth is healing properly. You will also have to continue with dental cleaning to avoid infections.


The best way to avoid any kind of tooth trauma is to not allow your pet to chew on hard rough objects like sticks or rocks. Don’t let your fur baby roam freeĀ  unsupervised where hard objects may be accessible.