Fruits & veggies that’s ok to share

Listed below are healthy foods that you can share with your fur baby!


Apples contain a lot of antioxidants that help boost the immune system. Make sure to discard the core where your pet can’t get to it. The seeds are not good for them, apples should be sliced to avoid choking.


Spinach provide a lot of  health benefits such as iron, bone health, and may prevent cancer.


Not only will your dog enjoy the taste, but pumpkin will help with any digestion problems your pet may have. Especially constipation or diarrhea.

Green Beans

Full of fiber, low in calories, and taste great! Your dog will love you forever.


Provides antioxidant and hydration, great for those humid New Orleans’ summers. Watermelon should be sliced and seedless before serving your pup.


Super yummy and packed full of vitamins. Studies have shown that cantaloupe can reduce/prevent the growth of cataracts.


Makes a great snack for the doggie on a diet or needs to be since carrots will keep your pet full. Also this veggie helps with oral hygiene, while chewing the carrot will polish your dog’s teeth. You should always peel and wash before serving.


Another yummy treat that is full of antioxidants but should be given to pet occasionally.


Sliced pears are good for the heart and high in fiber. Your fur baby will enjoy the texture.

Sweet Potato

Plain sweet potatoes contain a lot of amino acids which are great for strong lean muscles.

tip: when cooking veggies do not add any seasoning, seasoning such as garlic is very toxic to pets. Also make sure your pooch doesn’t have any food allergies.  

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