Healthy Herbs for Cats

If you have a garden or  a window sill with plenty of sunlight you’ll be able to grow your kitty herb garden. Growing a herb garden is easy, even if you don’t consider yourself to have a green thumb. Plus these herbs are good for humans too.


can be used as a natural disinfected on scratches or wounds.

Cat’s Claw and Dandelion Root

helps with itchy kittens battling with allergies since it naturally contains cortisone. Creating a salad of dandelions can help your cat from gaining weight.

Licorice Root

This root is great for senior cats with arthritis. It also have ingredients that soothe digestive problems and itchiness from allergies.

Chamomile, Calendula and Echinacea

Combined, these three herbs have multipurpose medical uses.


This herb may help people relax, but it’ll have the opposite affect on your cat. Valerian is helpful to that lazy kitty that need an energy boast.

Cat Thyme

Is really relaxing to cats and make them feel content. If you need your cat to chill, this is the herb for him/her.

tip- before you start growing your herb garden, check with your vet to make sure Mittens don’t have any other allergies or conflict with any meds your pet may be on.