Signs your dog is becoming a senior

signs your dog is aging

Signs your dog is aging

  1. Chatty Cathy – if your dog have been chattering a lot lately more than usual. It could indicate that he/she is experiencing some pain like arthritis. Not that your dog is being extra social.
  2. Nighttime Restlessness – In this case your dog maybe experiencing hearing or vision loss and having trouble sleeping at night
  3. Inappropriate Elimination –  Before you tell Fido he’s a bad boy, realize that it maybe due to losing control of his bladder or a decrease in mobility.
  4. Unprovoked Aggression – As your dog’s senses decrease, he may become scared easily when someone enters his personal space.
  5. Tiredness – If your dog been up all night in pain or having urges to go to the bathroom a lot, he’ll be exhausted come morning.
  6. Mourning a loss  –  If your pet have recently lost their 4-legged sibling, bestie, or 2 legged loved one this could be the reason why your dog is demonstrating   these signs.

tip: discuss with your vet if your dog is showing these signs.