How bad is it?

Is it really bad to let Fido stick his head out the car window while driving?

YES, I don’t mean to rain on your dog’s parade but here’s the facts. Take this into consideration, windshields were invented to protect the driver and passenger from wind & debris damaging their eyes. Before the windshield was invented, drivers wore goggles to protect their eyes. The windows are there for a reason.

Health concerns

Allowing your dog to continue with this bad habit will leave him susceptible to the following

  • Damaging of the inner ears
  • Debris scratching or puncture eyes
  • Falling out the window
  • Getting head stuck in window opening

Even if you could train your pup to leave on a pair of goggles, that won’t help with falling out the window. Letting your dog feel the breeze isn’t worth getting hurt. If you wouldn’t allow your kid to do it, why your fur baby?  On that note letting your dog in a truck’s flat bed is even worse. All the risk of above plus zero protection. Which means if the driver get into an accident, Fido may not make it.

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