How to check your pup’s vital signs

Measuring Heart Rate

A normal heart rate for your fur baby falls between 60-140 beats per minute.

Step1: Start by placing your hand on his/her chest.

Step2: Count how many beats you can feel within 15 seconds

Step3: Multiple by 4 to get your dog’s heart rate.

tip:If you’re having issues picking up the heart beat on their chest try placing two fingers on your dog’s thigh where the leg joins to the body. There you should be able to feel the femoral artery pulsing each time the heart beats

Breathing Rate

A healthy dog’s breathing/respiration rate should be between 12-24 breaths per min. This number can vary depending on breed. For accuracy, don’t do this after your dog has been active. Your pup should be at rest.

Step1: Start by counting the number of times your dog’s chest expand in 10 seconds.

Step2: Multiply by 6.

tip: Your dog shouldn’t make any noises while breathing, unless you have a a brachycephalic breed like a Pug or English Bulldog. Snorting noises are normal for those breeds.

Body Temperature

The final vital signs is body temp. A normal temperature ranges between 100.5-102.5 degree Fahrenheit.

Step1: Unfortunately, the best way to get accurate temp is to rectally insert the thermometer.

tip: if that method is uncomfortable for both you and your dog you can always use a pet friendly ear thermometer.

Record Keeping

Now that you know how to take your pet’s vital signs, you should do this often and keep track. That way you’ll know if something isn’t right with Fido. You should keep a copy with your dog’s medical records and another on your phone while you’re on the go.

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