Awesome things your pet knows before it happens

Dogs and cats are very intuitive about their surroundings, they can sense your mood, when you’re sick, and when someone is about to pass away. But their intuition surpasses that, some pets are even one with nature.


If you live in an active earthquake area, pay attention to your pets. In ancient Greece, records showed dogs fleeing the city before a major earthquake hit. China also have similar stories. Most scientists believe that cats and dogs hearing ability  are so great, that they can hear rocks crumbling under the ground. Other scientists believe that they can feel seismic activity through their paws. Neither of these theories have been proven 100% but what is certain is that most pets can detect an earthquake before it hits.


If you noticed your cat all of sudden fleeing from the window or your dog doesn’t want to go for his daily walk, this could be why. Chances are your pet can smell electrical currents in the air and hear the rumble of thunder from many miles away.


Dogs and cats can also sense illnesses, even cancer or seizures . All sicknesses give off a faint odor that humans can’t smell but your pet can detect it. If you notice your fur baby obsessively sniffing a particular area on your body, you may want to have your doctor check it out.


If you or someone in your household is pregnant, there is a high chance your pet knows when you’re about to go into labor. The usual sign your pet will give you is when he or she starts to become your shadow the day of or before you go into labor. Scientist are not sure how pets know, one speculation is that your fur baby can smell it.

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