Monastery adopted a cute dog, the reason is unbelievable

Everyone including fur kids deserves a place to call home which is why pet lovers enjoy happy adoption stories about a stray finding love in a forever home. This adorable pup named Carmelo found his forever home but in unexpected way.


Before this pooch was adopted by the monks of St. Francis Monastery he was a lonely stray looking for shelter and a friend on the streets of Cochabamba, Bolivia. But these days he is right at home with his brothers where he has companions, his own outfit, and the nickname Friar Bigotón which means mustache in Spanish.


Uplifting reason for adopting

The monks in this monastery are known for their love and compassion toward animals. They were assisted by a rescue group called The Cold Nose Project (Proyecto Narices Frías).  Both parties are hoping that more churches and monasteries will follow the monks lead in saving strays from being homeless.

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